Matthew Stone US CleanTech

Matthew Stone, US CleanTech’s Chief Executive Officer, ensures that the company operates within clear and strict environmental guidelines, adhering to an earth-friendly ethos and remaining at the forefront of the clean technology industry.
US CleanTech was established to find commercially viable and environmentally friendly solutions to the most urgent environmental issues, which it does through the application of clean technology. The company provides funding – as well as expert advice and structural help – to those working in the clean technology sector, such as scientists and entrepreneurs.
Matthew Stone US CleanTech
US CleanTech develops exclusively patented projects by partnering with innovators in the clean technology field to successfully commercialise their research, which it does through strategic partnerships as well as by offering expert advice on structuring, market penetration and policy compliance.

US CleanTech is able to facilitate the commercialisation of these projects thanks to its network of strategic partners, which includes a range of investment banks, governments and multinationals from across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. US CleanTech also boasts alliances with the world’s leading research centres, as well as with innovative private sector companies and private equity firms. Through funding and partnerships, US CleanTech is able to grow each of its projects to its full potential, successfully reaching a competitive scale.

US CleanTech is passionate about each of the projects that it undertakes, and its selection criteria requires that each project must have the potential to dominate the marketplace, rather than simply participating within it. Developing the technologies that will shape our future and revolutionise the way we live is at the core of US CleanTech’s mission, and the company is well placed to help nurture projects that it considers to have great potential. All of the projects that US CleanTech supports and develops are based on underlying technologies that objectively improve the environment.

An established voice in the clean technology sector, US CleanTech boasts a well-established network with well-integrated relationships in the global clean technology industry. From investment banks and private equity firms to government policy makers, US CleanTech is able to connect innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs with the institutions that will enable their success.

In addition to strategic partnerships, US CleanTech is able to offer its expertise and knowledge of the commercialisation process, which it applies to each project that the company undertakes.