Matthew Stone Teysha Technologies

Teysha Technologies is a company that operates in the bioplastics industry, working to find a solution to the issues of plastic pollution and ocean pollution.
Following years of research and experimentation, the expert team at Teysha Technologies has developed unique intellectual property that has resulted in an innovative solution to plastic pollution. Working in partnership with renowned research scientists and the best process and commercialisation specialists, Teysha Technologies has developed a natural product polycarbonate platform that can produce a huge variety of polymers.
Matthew Stone Teysha Technologies
Matthew Stone, Teysha Technologies’ Managing Director, is committed to the further development of all objectively sustainable technology. In his role at Teysha Technologies, he is able to use his expertise in technology transfer from the laboratory to industry to help develop and deliver viable plastic alternatives.

Teysha Technologies’ natural product polycarbonate platform produces a range of polymers, which can be adjusted, altered and adapted to create a whole suite of sustainable plastics. The tunable properties of its polymers mean that Teysha Technologies is able to create materials and products with various properties and practical applications, all of which meet the ever-growing demand for sustainable plastics. Exhibiting new and novel characteristics and combinations of characteristics, Teysha Technologies’ materials can be altered to offer varying degrees of strength and toughness.

As opposed to a single polymer system, the platform that has been developed offers significantly more versatility and flexibility. Teysha Technologies’ system uses various modified natural product monomers as well as various thiol co-monomers which – when combined with additives and solvents – creates a huge range of modifications and therefore a far larger network of polymers. The properties and characteristics of the materials created by the platform vary greatly, from hard and stiff materials to soft and pliable materials.

The invention of the polycarbonate platform has enabled Teysha Technologies to provide the design of synthetic strategies for the development of polymer materials which originate from renewable resources. Not only are Teysha Technologies’ polymers made from renewable, earth-friendly materials, but they also undergo hydrolytic breakdown, which produces only biologically beneficial by-products.

There are many benefits and advantages to the platform system created by Teysha Technologies, including its scalability and the fact that it is compatible with existing production infrastructures. Produced from renewable feedstocks, these ‘green’ materials are degradable, releasing only natural non-harmful products, and the polymers exhibit a wide range of physical, thermal and mechanical properties, making them suitable and applicable across the board.