Matthew Stone Renovare Fuels

Matthew Stone, Renovare Fuels Limited’s Chairman, oversees the design, manufacture and marketing of a new and innovative technology which converts biogas into liquid fuel.
The company was established to design a sustainable solution to the increasing global energy demand, as well as acting as a solution to waste accrual.
Matthew Stone Renovare Fuels
The new technology designed by Renovare Fuels transforms biogas into liquid fuel, which can be adjusted to create either Jet A1 or diesel. The fuels that are produced by Renovare Fuels are almost identical to their analogues derived from fossil fuels, which means they can be used as direct replacements without requiring any engine modifications.

Renovare Fuels’ innovative technology is the product of a synergistic combination of two transformative catalyst technologies with advanced process engineering, which produces middle distillate fuel. The middle distillate fuel created by Renovare Fuels is more efficient than other existing technologies, as well as being produced at a lower cost.

The biogas that is the source material for Renovare Fuels’ process is produced in landfills, sewage treatment facilities and anaerobic digesters; derived from waste material, Renovare Fuels avoids issues concerning environmental damage and does not compete with food supply chains for feedstock. Consequently, Renovare Fuels fully complies with the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive sustainability criteria, and its products achieve a reduction in greenhouse gases of around 96.8% compared to fossil fuel derived analogues.

Renovare Fuels’ patented technology was designed by a group of leading chemical engineers using the facilities of the University of South Florida. Developed in conjunction with NASA and the US Department of Energy, the project headed by Renovare Fuels received a joint investment of more than $10 million over a period of eight years.

Not only does Renovare Fuels’ innovative technology create cleaner and greener alternative fuels, but by recycling its waste heat streams the company powers its auxiliary electrical equipment. A surplus of energy is also sold back to the electrical grid, leading to an efficient system of recycled mass and heatflows.

Furthermore, by balancing endothermic and exothermic reactions, Renovare Fuels operates on much lower costs, which has resulted in the company operating at a larger scale (which was formerly not technically feasible when using other gas to liquid technologies).

Renovare Fuels has also been designed to avoid complications related to depleted local watersheds, which occur in small scale AD facilities due to the large amounts of water that are needed. By producing its own water supply, Renovare Fuels is able to fully operate without a water utility connection.