Matthew Stone


Matthew Stone

Matthew Stone, Renovare Fuels Limited’s Chairman, holds several other strategically important roles in companies that focus on renewable, sustainable and clean technologies.

With a strong professional interest in all objectively sustainable technology, Stone’s area of expertise covers a range of interrelated topics, including nanotechnology, clean technology, bioplastics, and the waste-to-energy industry.

Matthew Stone has been instrumental in the success of several companies including Renovare Fuels, Teysha Technologies, US CleanTech and NextGen Nano. Each of these companies aims to work at the forefront of its respective industry, staying ahead of the broader market take-up, whilst also adhering to a strict environmental ethos.

Earlier in his career Stone found success as an asset manager and in corporate finance, and he has worked across three continents with some of the largest strategic partners on the US, Malaysian, Singapore and French stock exchanges. Stone has worked on a range of projects throughout his career which have seen him collaborate with leading strategic partners, as well as some of the world’s best research institutions and several internationally acclaimed scientists.

With experience of designing and implementing investment strategies of £100 million and above, Stone has expertise in successfully integrating and commercialising technologies on a global scale. Throughout his career he has built an impressive network of investors, which includes a number of significant private investors and family offices, as well as prominent institutions, major corporations and sovereign wealth funds.

As one of the most active and important investors in the clean technology sector, with an annual research catchment of more than £6 billion, Matthew Stone works as US CleanTech’s CEO to provide commercially viable solutions to environmental issues through the development and implementation of clean technology.

Stone is also the Chairman of NextGen Nano, a nanotechnology company, and the Managing Director of Teysha Technologies. NextGen Nano is a high-tech company that has developed a breakthrough technology that uses earth-friendly biopolymers to create more efficient, environmentally friendly solar cells, whilst Teysha Technologies is developing solutions to the ever-growing issue of plastic pollution.

As the company’s Managing Director, Stone plays an important and strategic role in the success of Teysha Technologies, which is the result of more than a decade of searching for a viable and commercial solution to plastic pollution. The Teysha Technologies team has developed a natural product polycarbonate platform that can meet the growing demand for a range of sustainable, earth-friendly plastics.

Omega Private Equity Limited 

Omega Excel Limited 2008-2014 

Address: UOB Bank Plaza, 80 Raffles Place, Singapore 048624 

Matthew Stone Board Director Private Equity Fund/Fund Manager with an investment mandate to develop core assets in high-value agricultural commodities in SE Asia, with subsequent expansion to West Africa. Supplementary services included technology integration to venture and investment banking clients. 

Consistently generated above 30% hurdle returns over a 5-year period, before the eventual transfer of the core assets to our major shareholder in 2014. 

Worked alongside corporate clients, development banks, funds and NGO’s, to sustainably develop benchmark assets in the region. 

Corporate clients and partners included; Ballore (France), Wilmar (Singapore), Sime Darby (Malaysia), Cargill (USA), Natural Habitats (Netherlands), Siva Group (India), Ruchi (India), Julong (China)