Matthew Stone

Renovare Fuels Chairman

Matthew Stone, Renovare Fuels Limited’s Chairman also holds two further strategic positions as the Chief Executive Officer of US CleanTech and as Managing Director of Teysha Technologies.

New Technology & developments


This blog will cover a range of topics including Stone’s areas of expertise, his professional interests, and the companies that he is involved with.
An in-depth introduction to Renovare Fuels will be available on this blog, looking at what the company does as well as its most successful technologies and more recent developments.
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An innovative presence in the waste-to-energy industry, Renovare Fuels designs, manufactures and markets a new technology that converts biogas into liquid fuel. This technology can be adjusted to produce both diesel and Jet A1 fuel, offering a direct replacement for their fossil-fuel derived analogues.

This blog will discuss the real-world applications and uses for Renovare Fuels’ technology, and its approach to government policy will also be explored to give a detailed overview of the company. Related and relevant news items will be discussed on this blog, such as how the aviation industry could benefit from adopting cleaner and greener fuel. Developments in the waste-to-energy industry will also be included, discussing subjects that relate to the circular economy, CEWEP’s sustainability roadmap 2035, and the recent judicial review of Rivenhall EfW plant’s permit.

As Teysha Technologies’ Managing Director, Matthew Stone works with his expert team to create a new and unique solution to plastic pollution, and the company has developed a patented, renewable and fully biodegradable plastic substitute from landfill waste.

The work of the bioplastics company will be explored in depth on this blog, including its recent success in raising an investment of more than £1.2 million, supported by the world’s largest online angel investing platform, the Angel Investment Network. This blog will also explore how and why manufacturers should embrace the use of bioplastics, as well as sharing further details about bioplastics and plastic substitutes.

Finally, this blog will explore Matthew Stone’s work with US CleanTech, a clean technology company where he presides as company CEO. Exploring the role of clean technology investing and the mission and aims of the clean technology industry, this blog will cover several related subjects, as well as giving examples of successful applications for the latest nanotechnologies.